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International Trafficking Network Discovery Leads to FBI Sting Operation

The identification of an international sex trafficking network using TellFinder in 2017 led to more than a dozen FBI-led sting operations on Jan. 15, 2019. A federal grand jury in Oregon has returned two indictments, charging six people with running sex trafficking organizations in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

The TellFinder Alliance

The TellFinder Alliance is a network of law enforcement, technology, research, and nonprofit partners who adapt and advance emerging capabilities in AI, data science, visual analytics and deep web data for counter human trafficking applications. TellFinder serves over 200 law enforcement agencies around the world.

TellFinder technologies include a suite of tools for human trafficking investigators that uses emerging technologies to search deep-web content and discover hidden connections in data.

With an estimated 120k-150k new adult services ads, reviews, and discussion threads posted every day, online data is a critical tool for locating potential victims of human trafficking and for identifying those who exploit them.

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